Beauty over time with tropical plants  

Fifty’s offers original and performing solution from the tropics to the requirement of the skin as it fights against ongoing deterioration.

The products help to preserve from premature ageing of the skin. They help to promote skin elasticity, fight wrinkles, moisturize and clean change of skin pigmentation, while delivering illuminated skin with a younger attractive look.

They have been developed to a standard which allows them to carry out the essential functions of tropical natural extracts and to meet the needs of all skin types.

We have been working in the cosmetics business for many years with a focus on black skin. We know its specific nature, cosmetic needs and characteristics. Our goal is to magnify and consider the desire to express the own ideal of beauty for black skin.


We use our expertise in black skin cosmetics to create innovative and exclusive beauty products. Our research and development experts are focused on finding best quality and effectiveness of the products.