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Fifty's Beauty Products

use Tropical plant extracts for their formulas. The great value of these extracts, combined with years of tropical skin care experience make Fifty's products unique and highly efficient.

Beauty Care with Tropical Plants:

A Great Cosmetic Value

Tropical natural extracts from Shea nuts, Cashew nuts, Jojoba, Avocado and many other tropical plants are endowed with exceptional cosmetic properties. They are very special as they are rich in unsaturated acids and non soapy elements. They also release their active ingredients into the skin. Because they come from wild plants, they conserve their nutritional value and are exceptionally rich in vitamins.

Original solution from the Tropics

to the specific requirement of the skin as it fight against ongoing deterioration.

Since the beginning of time, these extracts have been used in tropics as cosmetics to beautify the skin and protect it against harch climate. They make the skin velvety and give it that wonderful smoothness and firmness everyone desires.

Fifty' products derive their great value from the tropical plant extracts in original high formulas that combine the unique advantage of these extracts as well as many years of experience in the field of tropical skin care.

Fifty's products enables to partake in the success of its products and to be part of unique beauty experience by using original high quality formulations

They have been developed to a standard which allows them to carry out the essential functions of tropical natural extracts and to actually meet the needs of all skin types.

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